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Snack Company Claims Small Victory In Possibly Changing The FDA’s Mind

According to the CEO of a snack bar company, the FDA has agreed that nuts, despite the presence of saturated fats, could actually be a healthy ingredient in food products. In a March 2015 warning letter to KIND LLC, the FDA said “none of your products listed above meet the requirements for use of the nutrient content claim ‘healthy’ that are set forth in” the applicable regulation. The company says it achieved a small but significant victory when the agency later reversed at least part of its decision. Daniel Lubetzky says he’s not sure his company is going to put the healthy claim back on its packaging, because products continue to sell without it. He acknowledges some satisfaction, however, in getting his point across to the FDA.... More

"FDA’s Package Deal: 5 Questions with KIND Snacks CEO Daniel Lubetzky", BrandChannel, May 12, 2016

ConAgra’s Alexia Frozen Foods Moving Quickly Toward Non-GMO

ConAgra Foods said it hopes to have all of its Alexia brand frozen French fries and other frozen vegetable products GMO-free by the end of the year. According to a company spokesman, the Non-GMO initiative is already 90 percent complete. ConAgra acquired the Alexia brand in 2007, five years after Alexia was founded. Besides premium fries, Alexia markets gourmet potato side dishes and organic vegetables.

"Alexia closes in on full Non-GMO Project verification", Food Business News, May 11, 2016

Dietitian Recommends P&G Probiotic Product For Gut Health

Procter & Gamble’s Align probiotic supplement brand announced it is partnering with a registered dietitian to teach people with occasional digestive imbalance how to avoid “triggers.” Ashley Koff said summer activities tend to prompt changes that can disrupt the natural balance of good gut bacteria. To mitigate the problem, she recommends Align, which contains the probiotic strain Bifantis, to add good bacteria to the digestive system for intestinal balance. She also recommended staying hydrated, avoiding excess salt, eating potassium-rich foods, and shunning junk food.

"Align Probiotic Teams Up with Registered Dietitian Ashley Koff to Offer Helpful Tips to Bolster Your Digestive Wellness This Summer", News release, Procter & Gamble, May 11, 2016

Vegan Creativity Leads To An Alternative To Egg Whites

Vegans have found it fairly easy to create substitutes for meat and other animal products. Their tinkering has led to almond milk, soy-based cheese, etc. Egg whites, however – an essential ingredient in so many baking delicacies, including meringues, macarons, angel food cake, etc. – were trickier to mimic, until last year’s discovery by a vegan software engineer of the wondrous abilities of chickpea water. Dubbed “aquafaba,” chickpea water and sugar can be whipped into a convincing substitute for egg whites. An instant Internet sensation ensued, spawning recipe books and websites. Now chefs all over the globe – and not just vegans, either – are using aquafaba in everything from pancakes to purées.

"Vegans Whip Up a Secret Weapon: Aquafaba", The New York Times, May 09, 2016

FDA Survey: Consumers Do Check The Food Nutrition Label

An FDA health and diet survey regarding the usefulness of food label nutrition information found that 78 percent check the label at least sometimes before purchasing, and 50 percent check it most of the time or always. The agency is putting the finishing touches on a new version of the ubiquitous nutrition facts label found on foods and beverages to help achieve the goal of reducing obesity and salt intake. Almost 90 percent of adults surveyed indicated they consumed more sodium than was healthy. Seventy-five percent said supermarket foods had more, or about the same amount of, sodium they did five years ago.

"2014 FDA Health and Diet Survey", U.S. Food and Drug Administration, May 06, 2016

Companies, Organizations  

Unilever Ghana Reports 26-Percent Revenue Gain In 2015

Unilever Ghana Limited reported revenue grew 26 percent to GH¢518,731,000 in 2015, compared with the previous year. Operating profit margin also rose by 1 percentage point to 9.7 percent. Profit before tax increased from GH¢634,000 in 2014 to GH¢47,643 in 2015, the company said. According to the company, revenue growth was driven by an improved portfolio mix, cost savings, and improved efficiencies.

"Unilever Ghana records 26 percent growth in 2015 profits",, May 17, 2016 Launches Grocery Delivery Service In Some US Locations

Startup online retailer expanded its product offerings to include groceries. Seeking to compete with online giant, the company is pilot testing grocery delivery service in parts of New York City and New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C. Delivery will be free for purchases worth more than $35, the company said.'s free delivery service is expected to help the company compete with more established rivals, such as Peapod, FreshDirect, and Instacart.

"Amazon rival just started selling fresh groceries like milk and eggs", Recode, May 10, 2016

Marketing & Advertising  

Amazon Plans To Sell More Private-Label Products

Online retailer Inc. plans to sell more private-label brands, including those of perishable foods, such as nuts, spices, tea, and coffee. After working for several years to develop private-label lines, the online retailer will start selling them as early as end of May or start of June 2016. Sales of store brands in the US reached $118.4 billion in 2015, up by about $2.2 billion from the previous year, data from the Private Label Manufacturers Association revealed.

"Amazon to Expand Private-Label Offerings—From Food to Diapers", The Wall Street Journal, May 15, 2016

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