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Period: August 8, 2021 to August 15, 2021
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Companies, Organizations  

Challenges Face BFY Snack Formulators

The functional snack business is experiencing healthy growth as U.S. consumers continue their search for foods that offer health benefits, such as immunity, or simply provide a healthy alternative to salty and fatty snacks. But reformulation of snack seasonings poses many challenges for BFY snack makers. After all, salt and fat guarantee taste delivery while ensuring that seasoning sticks to, and is evenly distributed across, the snack base. One solution is almonds, which are available in over 14 formats. They can help overcome taste, texture, and nutrition challenges while delivering protein and fiber. Almonds contain six grams of protein in a one-ounce serving. And now recently-developed defatted almond flour, or almond protein powder, goes even further toward achieving protein requirements, and its extra-fine texture and neutral taste allow for more versatility and fewer masking agents, contributing to a clean label.

"Better-for-you snacks present “double-edged” sword to reformulators, suppliers flag", Food Ingredient First, August 06, 2021

Don Pancho Intros Grain-Free Tortillas, Chips

The new products from the Salem, Ore.-based maker of traditional and on-trend Mexican foods target consumers looking for healthier and better-for-you options, including non-grain flours and low-carb ingredients. The gluten-free, paleo- and keto-friendly chips and tortillas are made with cassava flour, an ancient root vegetable prized for its nutty flavor, and flax seeds rich in omega-3 fats and dietary fiber. According to IRI, the tortilla category is growing quickly and represents $2.2 billion in sales with grain free, whole wheat, and low carb products representing a growing sales opportunity. The Grain Free Tortillas (9.5-ounce package) are $3.79; as is the five-ounce package of chips in three flavors (Smoky Queso, Sea Salt and Hint of Lime).

"Don Pancho Releases New Grain Free Tortillas and Chips Made From Cassava Flour and Flax Seeds", Business Wire, August 04, 2021

Simple Mills Launches First National Ad Campaign

The Chicago-based maker of better-for-you crackers, cookies, snack bars, and baking mixes, has launched its first national advertising campaign, Live Full, across video, social, digital, and audio platforms. Developed by agency FIG, the campaign “embodies a relatable, human approach” that “highlights moments in our everyday lives when we're in a ‘flow state,’ getting things done and in a groove.” The FIG agency specializes in crafting integrated advertising stories that “cut through the clutter and complexity of the Information Age.”

"Simple Mills Debuts FIRST National Advertising Campaign Titled "Live Full"", Business Wire, August 04, 2021

This Saves Lives Intros Oatmeal Cereals, Granola Snacks

The L.A.-based food brand whose mission is to put an end to early childhood severe acute malnutrition has launched Kids Oatmeal breakfast cereals and Kids GranolaPop snacks. According to the company, every purchase sends life-saving food aid to a child suffering from severe acute malnutrition anywhere in the world. Kids Oatmeal is available in Apple Cinnamon, Chocolate, Rainbow Sprinkles, Blueberry, and Strawberry flavors. GranolaPop snacks, available in Cinnamon Sugar, Blueberry, Strawberry, Chocolate and Rainbow Sprinkles, work as a better-for-you breakfast, a before-lunch snack, or nutritious anytime treat. Each delivers one full serving of fruits and vegetables, is free from gluten, dairy, nuts, eggs, soy, and shellfish. Kids Oatmeal and Kids GranolaPop have an SRP of $4.99 per six-count box and $7.99 per 10-ounce bag, respectively. All are available online, including through This Saves Lives new subscription program,

"This Saves Lives Debuts New Kids Oatmeal and GranolaPop to Encourage Family Conversations Around Hunger and Giving", PR Newswire, July 28, 2021


Many Americans Make Sure They’re Carrying Snacks At All Times

New research conducted by OnePoll among 2,000 consumers on behalf of sprouted seed snack maker Go Raw finds that seven of 10 carry a treat with them at all times. At least three times a week, more than half said they fill up on a snack food – and not necessarily a healthy one – instead of preparing a balanced meal for themselves. Sixty percent admitted that their first choice of snack is a sugar- or salt-laden one, with the most popular choices being potato chips (56 percent), chocolate (55 percent), and candy (45 percent). More than 53 percent said they would swap out their favorite unhealthy snack for a healthier one if there were more options available at a similar price.

"70 percent Of Americans Love To Snack So Much They Always Have Food On Them (Video)", South Florida Reporter, July 30, 2021

Deals, M&A, JVs, Licensing  

“Fun And Healthy” Cereal Maker OffLimits Announces Funding Round

The year-old New York-based maker of Zombie and Dash breakfast cereals says the $2.3 million funding round will include friends and family, pre-seed, and seed financing from Science Inc., Crosslink, Canaan, DBC Creative CEO Dana Cowin, Surface Magazine CEO Marc Lotenberg, TikTok executive Nick Tran, and NTWRK president Moksha Fitzgibbons. The new funding will go toward scaling into retail, hiring new talent and building up inventory, the company says. OffLimits uses whole ingredients, and its flavors are organic, vegan, gluten-free and lightly-sweetened with organic cane sugar. The cereals – Dash turns milk into caffeinated cold brew coffee and Zombie is a pandan-flavored (similar to vanilla) variant – were picked up in stores like Intelligentsia and are available online at $8.50 per box.

"Plant-based cereal startup OffLimits pours $2.3M into new products", Tech Crunch, August 06, 2021

Legal, Legislation, Regulation, Policy  

Kellogg’s Settles Class Action Lawsuit Over Sugary Cereals

Michigan-based breakfast cereals company Kellogg’s (Kellogg Sales Company) has agreed to a $13 million settlement benefiting consumers who purchased certain Kellogg cereals labeled “heart healthy” or “lightly sweetened.” The lawsuit alleged Kellogg violated certain laws by labeling three of its cereals with certain nutritious statements even though plaintiffs alleged the products contained excessive amounts of sugar. The class action lawsuit was open to anyone who purchased Raisin Bran, Smart Start, or Frosted Mini-Wheats cereals between August 29, 2012 and May 1, 2020. The suit (Hadley et al. vs. Kellogg Sales Company) was brought before the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California.  

"Yes, the Kellogg’s Cereal Class Action Lawsuit is Real", Snopes.com, July 28, 2021

Market News  

New Funding Will Help India’s Eat Better Company Grow

The year-old Jaipur-based healthy snack brand says the money raised from ecommerce investment marketplace GetVantage will be spent on marketing and new product launches in the coming months. Launched in August 2020, the Eat Better Company said its customer base has surpassed 15,000 people. The company sells an array of seed- and nut-based snack products packaged in boxes and jars. Besides selling its products through its website and various marketplaces, the company also has a strong gifting portfolio and counts Visa, Razorpay, Pine Labs, and Godrej Housing Finance among its customers. GetVantage has invested in more than 70 digital-first brands in India. 

"Eat Better raises undisclosed funding from GetVantage to fuel expansion", Business Standard (Online), August 05, 2021

Marketing & Advertising  

Weetabix Debuts $2.8M back-To-School Ad Campaign

The TV campaign, which takes advantage of the fact that the back-to-school season in the U.K. is the second biggest sales period for cereals. hopes to “inspire kids and adults to enjoy the best possible start to the day.” Running in August and September on TV and video-on-demand, the light-hearted ads show various topical serving suggestions making reference to the easing of lockdown restrictions, including “goodbye rule of six a-bix” and “festival moshing a-bix.” The British brand (Burton Latimer, U.K.) has spent $19.4 million on marketing in the past 12 months (up 40 percent year-on-year), supporting growth for the cereal category. The company says its Weetabix Original is a low sugar cereal, and its entire Weetabix-branded portfolio is non-HFSS.

"Weetabix eyes healthy returns in back-to-school campaign", Retail Times, August 04, 2021

Products & Brands  

Bagrry's India Debuts Breakfast Granola Line

The New Delhi-based maker of oats, muesli, and bran breakfast products has launched two granola variants: Belgian Dark Chocolate and Almonds and Exotic Fruits with Cranberries and Almonds. The main ingredients in the two granolas are oats, California almonds, quinoa, Belgian dark chocolate, whole wheat, rice flakes, mangoes, strawberries, bananas, cranberries, and Arabian dates. “Our granola works well in warm or cold milk, with Greek yogurt or simply as a snack," the company says.

"Bagrry's launches Granola range with Belgian chocolate & exotic fruits", Food & Beverages News, August 06, 2021

Calbee U.K. Unveils Plant-Based Snack Range

The Yorkshire-based subsidiary of Japan’s Calbee Inc. is launching a range of non-HFSS vegetable and pulse snacks under its Harvest Snaps brand. The vegan and gluten-free baked snacks, positioned as "a healthy alternative to traditional fried crisps," come in Sour Cream & Chive Lentil Rings and Thai Sweet Chilli Lentil Puffs variants. They will be sold in Sainsbury's, Waitrose, and Ocado beginning in mid-September in sharing bags, multipacks of six, and single packs. Calbee said that the range falls below the proposed government HFSS restrictions, so the products can be merchandised in promotional display spaces after the new legislation comes into force in 2022.

"Calbee launches veg & pulse snacks under Harvest Snaps brand", thegrocer.co.uk, August 04, 2021

Nura USA Introduces Ingredient That Supports Sleep, Mood, And Stress Management

The three-year-old Irvine, Calif.-based ingredient supplier’s first branded ingredient, Cleanmood, is an organic 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) compound extracted from Griffonia simplicifolia seeds sourced from Ghana. According to the company, 5-HTP is a precursor to serotonin production in the brain and has been shown to support healthy sleep along with mood, stress, and weight management. The ingredient, certified organic and glyphosate free, is also tasteless, water-soluble, and heat- and pH- stable. It comes in a versatile powder form that may be added to a wide range of applications, including beverages, snacks, candies, and gummies. The company, which also supplies a range of sweeteners, proteins, herbs and vitamins, says a beverage featuring Cleanmood will launch later this year.

"NURA USA debuts mood support ingredient", The Baking Business, August 03, 2021

Tyrrells Challenges Snack Competitors With Low-Fat Lentil-Based Crisps

The KP Snacks-owned brand’s new low-fat lentil crisps, available in two flavors, were created to meet consumer demand for a BFY crisp with quality ingredients and popular flavor combinations. They also present a challenge to crisp competitors like Eat Real, Snack a Jacks, and Mindful Snacker, all of which are tinkering with recipes to meet the U.K.’s pending HFSS restrictions. The new Tyrrels crisps are available in Sweet Chilli & Red Pepper and Sour Cream & Onion flavors and are billed as containing 30 percent less fat than regular potato crisps.

"Tyrrells to challenge Eat Real with move into lentil crisps", The Grocer, August 03, 2021

Prevention Of Chronic Disease Is A Main Focus Of India’s Food And Beverage Companies

India’s Nuffoods Spectrum magazine says the country’s younger food and beverage entrepreneurs are focusing on snacks and other foods and beverages that boost immunity to ward off chronic disease, rather than just to maintain health. New products appearing on the market use natural and convenient food ingredients packed either in the form of novel recipes, supplements, snacks or beverages targeting women’s health, protein sufficiency, nourishing snacks, and ready-to-drink mixes. New products emphasize specific health conditions such as mental well-being, proper sleep, menstruation, healthy skin, etc., using natural ingredients. A pharmaceuticals executive sees GenZ (born in the late 1990s) as “the new wellness consumer who appreciates the goodness of natural and organic health alternatives,” such as Ayurveda. 

"Smart foods turn healthy trendsetters!", Nuffoods Spectrum, August 02, 2021

When It Comes To Ingredients, Amarea Keeps Its Seaweed Snacks SImple

The Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based snack start-up, with corporate and ingredient roots in Chile, says it is committed to keeping its seaweed snack formulas to three ingredients or less to avoid confusing snack buyers. According to the company, so-called "healthy" snacks simply replace low-quality ingredients with organic or allergy-sensitive alternatives but, at the end of the day, the quantity of ingredients too often remains mind-numbingly long. Amarea’s snacks are made with "cochayuyo," the local name of the indigenous species of seaweed. The Chilean seaweed is a superfood packed with sodium, iodine, folic acid; calcium; potassium, chlorine; sulphur, phosphorus,  and vitamins A, B1, B12, C, D, and E. The only other ingredients in the snack are an oil and a flavoring, like sesame or olive.

"With Amarea, Simplicity Is the Key to Success", PR Newswire, July 30, 2021

Ocean Spray’s New Cranberry Snacks Fulfill A Need For Fiber

The Massachusetts-based agricultural cooperative has released a new range of cranberry snacks designed to help U.K. consumers increase their fiber intake. The Fiber Boost Cranberries snack line has cranberry, mango-flavored cranberry, cherry-flavored cranberry, and orange-flavored cranberry flavors, each containing 86 calories per 30-gram portion. The new snacks contain 7.5 grams of fiber per serving and can be enjoyed as a snack or added to cereal, porridge and salads. Fiber Boost Cranberries is available at Waitrose with an RRP of £2.49 ($3.47) per 120 grams.

"Ocean Spray unveils new line of high-fiber cranberry snacks", FoodBev Media , July 30, 2021

Flagship Food Group Invests In Tortilla King

The Idaho branded and private-label supplier has taken a majority stake in the 29-year-old Moundridge, Kan.-based snacks business Tortilla King. The company manufactures corn and flour tortillas, including gluten-free, and tortilla chips under its Mama Lupe's, La Comida and Li'l Guy brands sold at U.S. retailers such as Walmart and Hy-Vee, as well as out-of-home customers. The company also serves as a co-producer for U.S. food firms and a private-label supplier to local retailers. Earlier this year, Flagship Food expanded into Mexican-style foods with the acquisition of a majority stake in La Tortilla Factory in California. 

"Flagship Food Group takes majority interest in Tortilla King", Just-food.com, July 28, 2021

Nutridge Farms Launches Chamoy-Flavored Line Of Nut Snacks

The Chino, Calif.-based maker of sweet and spice-encrusted nuts and pretzels, founded in 2003 and relaunched in 2020, says its new line of Chamoy Fiesta Nuts is the only nut snack that is chamoy flavored. A blend of salty, sweet, and sour spiced with powdered chiles, chamoy  is popular within the Hispanic community and continues to gain popularity within the U.S. market. The savory snacks, which include Chamoy Fiesta Almonds and Peanuts, are a perfect blend of salty and sour “with just the right amount of heat, in mild and hot flavors.” The products are available on the company website and in stores in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, and Riverside counties.

"Nutridge Farms Releases Its New Chamoy Fiesta Almonds and Peanuts: the First and Only Chamoy Nuts in the Market Today", PR Newswire, July 28, 2021


Kellogg India Says Rising In-Home Consumption Benefits Breakfast Cereal Industry

The Mumbai-based company says its breakfast cereals have experienced strong growth among households thanks to the pandemic. Kellogg India added nearly 30 percent more households in the last six months (year-on-year). According to industry estimates, breakfast cereals are a $300 million industry in the country, with growth rates reaching 18-20 percent during the pandemic from 1-12 percent. The key factor has been rising in-home consumption that has enabled many packaged food categories to enter new households. The company plans to launch its global brand Froot Loops in India to bolster its portfolio, and is experimenting with ready-to-cook cereals. “Not only are we manufacturing [Froot Loops] in the country, but we have also done a lot of R&D work in terms of flavor profiles to cater to the Indian palette. We believe this launch is strategic and opens a new pillar of growth for us,” a company spokesman said.

"Kellogg India sees household consumption of breakfast cereals rising in Covid times", The Hindu Business Line, August 10, 2021

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