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Food Business Insight Alert Archive

Have a look at some of our recent alerts. These give broad coverage of the industry - if you want something more specific create your own here.

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September 29, 2012, to October 06, 2012

Proprietary Resveratrol Supplement Improves Circulatory Function In Obese People

An Australian clinical study found that a proprietary resveratrol supplement improved the circulatory function of obese individuals with mild hypertension. For the placebo-controlled study, 28 people took 75 mg of DSM’s Resvida each day for six weeks. The researchers found a 23 percent increase in vasodilator function. Decreased vasodilator function is a biomarker for cardiovascular risk and is associated with obesity and high blood pressure. According to DSM, the best results would be  achieved with doses starting at 30 mg of Resvida a day to see any health benefits.

Sabinsa Announces First Non-Dairy Use Of Its Probiotic Product

U.S. phyonutrient maker Sabinsa Corporation announced that its probiotic product LactoSpore is now an ingredient of Colombian baking company Perman’s sliced bread. According to Sabinsa, Perman Pan Tajado is the first non-dairy use of its probiotic in a functional food. LactoSpore is the trade name for Sabinsa’s probiotic Bacillus coagulans, formerly known as Lactobacillus sporogenes. LactoSpore withstands the acidic environment of the stomach and then germinates and proliferates in the GI tract within a few hours.

Coca-Cola Invests In Bioglycol Production To Boost Production Of Plant-Based Plastic Bottles

Coca-Cola says it is working with a large bioglycol production company to expand the output of plant-based material used to make its PlantBottles. JBF Industries will support the endeavor by building the world’s largest facility for manufacturing bioglycol, the key ingredient in PlantBottles. The new facility will be built in Brazil and will use  locally sourced sugar cane and sugar cane waste material. Coca-Cola’s goal is to boost the use of renewable, lower-carbon plastics in the marketplace. It hopes to use PlantBottle technology in all of its plastic bottles by 2020.

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September 22, 2012, to September 29, 2012

Government Should Regulate Sugary Drink Consumption To Control Obesity, Healthcare Costs

Many foods contribute to excess calorie intake and obesity but, according to health experts, sugary drinks are particularly at fault. Consumption of sugary beverages has tripled since the 1970s, as drink sizes have increased from 6.5 or 12 ounces to 16, 20, 32 and 64 ounces. New York City health commissioner Thomas A. Farley believes government can play a role in controlling consumption of sugary drinks, and thus controlling the rising healthcare costs associated with obesity and heart disease. In a JAMA article, he notes that New York City has supported a 1-cent-per-ounce excise tax on sugary drinks and the city's health department approved a cap on the portion size of sugary drinks served at restaurants.

Chr. Hansen Introduces Cheese Cultures For Eastern European Market

Chr. Hansen has introduced two cheese cultures for the Continental segment in Eastern Europe that are designed to improve cheese flavor and reduce bitterness in new formats (i.e., sliced, diced, shredded). Available as frozen DVS cultures, the products comprise flavor enhancing strains that can be used in rotation with the DCC260 culture for improved robustness. According to the company, the low inoculation rate and high activity of the culture accelerate the ripening process. Belarus, Russia and Poland produce large quantities of Continental cheese such as gouda each year with a growing focus on the "shredded" format.

Royal DSM In Talks To Buy Cargill’s Cultures/Enzymes Business

Royal DSM (The Netherlands) is looking at a major acquisition in the world cultures and enzymes market, which is valued at more than €1 billion (US$1.3 billion). The company says it is in discussions to acquire Cargill, a maker of cultures and enzymes for the dairy and meat industries. Cargill’s cultures and enzymes business generates annual net sales of about €45 million and has about 200 employees. A DSM food specialties executive said the acquisition “would allow us to serve our customers faster with one of the most versatile offerings in cultures and enzymes in the global dairy industry.”

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September 15, 2012, to September 22, 2012

Unilever Plans To Build Environment-Friendly Factory In China

Unilever announced its plan to build an environment-friendly manufacturing plant in Meishan, in China's Sichuan province. The planned factory complex will have an area of about 27 hectares, with Unilever investing $47.38 million in the first phase of detergent production, which is expected to go up to 200,000 metric tons each year. Unilever CEO said the proposed plan highlights the company's confidence in China despite the current economic slowdown in the country.

German Grain Company Develops Nutritious, Tasty Wheat Aleurone For Baked Goods

Four years of R&D by German grain specialist Kampffmeyer Food Innovation has resulted in the creation of a nutritious wheat aleurone that can be used as a tasty ingredient in refined flour and whole grain baked goods, pizzas and pasta. The aleurone is fiber-rich and packed with a wide array of minerals and vitamins. According to Kampffmeyer, the aleurone ingredient is easy to incorporate into formulations, has an appealing light color, and enables manufacturers to offer the health of whole grain without taste or visual problems.

Biotech Firm Hopes To Show That Its Enzyme Technology Can Help Make Bread More Nutritious

U.S. biotechnology firm Dyadic International announced that its Netherlands subsidiary is participating in a two-year European project to develop more nutritious, tastier whole grain and white breads. Participants in the HealthBread Project will apply scientific and technological knowledge “to the production and marketing of commercially viable, healthier bread,” the company said. Dyadic said it would be working with 16 scientific, baking and food organizations to demonstrate the effectiveness of its C1 enzyme technology in producing more nutritious bread products.

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September 08, 2012, to September 15, 2012

Unilever Expands Relations With Suppliers In India, Plans To Make The Country Hub For Agriculture Exports

Unilever said it plans to expand its partnership with agriculture suppliers in India, as the packaged consumer goods manufacturer seeks to make the country a regional hub for agriculture product exports and product innovations in skin care and laundry. Suppliers account for 72 percent of Unilever's innovations, up from 48 percent two years ago and less than 10 percent five years ago. At present, Unilever buys agriculture products, such as onions and gherkins, from Indian suppliers. Meanwhile, the company plans to expand its local sourcing efforts to cover chemicals and packaging.

Soluble Corn Fiber Shown To Be Beneficial For Health, And Well-Tolerated In High Amounts

New research sponsored by U.K. food ingredients provider Tate & Lyle provides evidence that diets rich in soluble corn fiber can be both well-tolerated and healthful. One study in adolescents showed that soluble corn fiber significantly increased beneficial bacteria in the gut and increased calcium absorption. A second study among adults found that 40 grams of soluble corn fiber consumed in a single dose, or up to 65 grams consumed in multiple doses throughout the day, were well-tolerated. The doses exceeded daily recommendations for fiber, and far exceeded average actual daily intake. Neither children nor adults consume anywhere near the recommended 19-38 grams per day.

One Million Americans Now Using USDA’s Diet Planning/Tracking Tool

A free online diet planning and tracking tool developed by the USDA has garnered more than a million registered users, according to Secretary Tom Vilsack. SuperTracker, unveiled in December 2011 along with the My Plate icon, features updated food and physical activity databases, a tool that allows users to set personal calorie goals and a system for tracking personal physical activity. SuperTracker incorporates both the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines and is designed to help Americans put the guidelines into practice in day to day activities.

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September 01, 2012, to September 08, 2012

To Mark National Coupon Month, Coupons.com Announces Top Coupon Categories For 2012

As part of its celebration of September as National Coupon Month, digital coupons company Coupons.com Incorporated announced the top coupon categories for 2012. The company also released its list of the top mobile and fastest rising categories. Cereal emerged as the most popular coupon category and the top mobile category, while automotive turned out to be the fastest rising in terms of popularity.

Coming Innovation Wave To Be Led By Corporate Trailblazers

Corporations will play a leading role in the next wave of innovation. Unilever’s development and promotion of its Pureit water-purification system for the emerging markets is an example of this coming trend. Corporations seeking to create their own “21st-century corporate garages” should consider the following issues — employees who will be part of the garage; scope of operation; linking the incubator operations with the rest of the company; creating an environment that promotes innovation; determining the purpose of innovation.

Amino Acid Supplements Could Ease Symptoms Of People With Rare Form Of Autism

Researchers from the U.S., Egypt and Turkey have found that a rare form of autism with epilepsy is associated with defective metabolism of amino acids and may be treated with dietary supplements. The scientists discovered that a gene mutation in some patients with autism speeds the metabolism of certain amino acids. These patients suffer from epileptic seizures. The researchers believe that supplementing the patients’ diet with amino acids available at health food stores will serve as a simple, natural treatment for the problem.

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August 25, 2012, to September 01, 2012

Big Food Companies That Market Organic Foods/Beverages Oppose GMO Labeling

GreenBiz notes that several “upstart brands” that proclaim their opposition to GMO ingredients in their food and beverage products are owned by “big food conglomerate[s] that oppose GMO labeling”. The corporate offspring – Naked Juice (PepsiCo), Silk (Dean Foods), Cascadian Farm (General Mills), Kashi (Kellogg) and Honest Tea (Coca-Cola) – are at odds with parent companies that have donated millions to defeat a California ballot initiative that would require clear labeling of genetically engineered ingredients on food packages. Organic industry purists say the big companies are essentially two-faced: claiming to support green values in their products while denying consumers “the right to know about GMOs in their food.”

British Bakery Enters Breakfast Market With New Line Of Fruit And Fiber Breads

Kingsmill, a unit of Britain’s Allied Bakeries, is unveiling a line of breakfast breads containing fruit and fiber. The new products include a sliced loaf, as well as muffins and bagels, all of which deliver half of the recommended daily intake of whole grain. The company said it will spend about £2.5 million (US$3.95 million) on marketing the new products, its first in the breakfast arena. Allied Bakeries expects the breakfast segment to grow to £18 billion over the next three years, from £7.3 billion in 2011.

California Bakery’s Versatile Product Line Meets A Wide Variety Of Dietary Needs

Julian Bakery of San Diego, California, recently noted in a press release that its product line – cookies, breads and other baked goods – is crafted to meet the needs of a variety of diets, whether for weight loss or medical conditions. The company bakes an array of carb-free, gluten-free, paleo and vegan-friendly bread products that offer “delicious alternatives to the traditional foods that [people] do not want to give up."

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August 18, 2012, to August 25, 2012

Believing The Mythology Surrounding Prostate Cancer Can Be Dangerous For Men

A mythology has grown up around the causes, preventive measures and treatment of prostate cancer, according to a U.S. expert. For example, consuming lycopene – the nutrient that gives tomatoes their red color – does not prevent prostate cancer. Nor does fish oil, with its high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, or selenium or vitamin E. In fact, studies have shown that selenium and vitamin supplements actually increase the risk of prostate cancer. As to PSA diagnosis, one in ten men screened for prostate cancer using PSA tests actually do benefit from treatment, not one in 50 as reported by some researchers.

Australian Government Works With Breakfast Cereal Makers To Polish Cereal’s Image

To counter the apparently tarnished image of breakfast cereals among Australians, the country’s food agency has established a forum comprising six leading breakfast cereal manufacturers to improve consumer understanding of breakfast cereals by emphasizing benefits, engaging in “positive dialogue,” and correcting misinformation. All of the forum members – Carman's Fine Foods, Freedom Foods, Kellogg Australia, Nestle Australia, Popina Foods and Sanitarium – manufacture locally and rely almost exclusively on Australian grown grain. The breakfast cereal industry in Australia employs 3,000 people and accounts for about $1.2 billion in anual retail sales.

Competition Heats Up Between Supermarkets And Specialty Stores In The Food Segment

Traditional supermarkets are faced with increasingly fierce competition from smaller versions of big-box retailers, high-end independent gourmet grocers, and dollar stores for food shoppers in large urban centers in the United States. Wal-Mart Stores plans to open a Neighborhood Market at Los Angeles’ Chinatown neighborhood, while Target plans to launch several CityTarget stores in Los Angeles and other major cities. Other leading retailers are setting up food sections in some store branches. With the U.S. Department of Agriculture forecasting food prices rising 2.5–3.5 percent in 2012 and 3–4 percent in 2013, some retailers are focusing on high-income consumers who are minimally affected by the economic slowdown, while others aim to attract budget-conscious shoppers who are always looking for the best deals.

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August 11, 2012, to August 18, 2012

Ecologic Brands' Biodegradable Packaging Helps Drive Sales Of Environment-Friendly Products

Ecologic Brands’ biodegradable containers helped Seventh Generation increase sales of its environment-friendly laundry detergent products by 19 percent in a year. Ecologic Brands CEO Julie Corbett was inspired by the reusable milk carafes, which are a very common item in Eastern Canada, to develop her company’s biodegradable packaging made of recycled fibers and is designed to contain a plastic pouch. Corbett’s company sold almost 1.2 million units of the packaging product since its launch in March 2011, and expects to sell 20–27 million by end of 2013.

TIC Gums Unveils Replacement For Guar Gum

Texture and stabilization solutions provider TIC Gums has introduced a compound that can be used as a replacement for guar gum in certain applications. Ticaloid Guar Replacement (GR) 8700 was developed for the food industry as a way to cope with tight supplies and fluctuating prices of guar gum. TIC says the new compound is a low viscosity solids builder that can be used in film type applications like breath, energy and vitamin strips, and in some health beverages.

IFT’s New Certification Program Recognizes Food Scientists’ Knowledge And Skills

The Institute of Food Technologists has launched a certification program for food scientists that provides an opportunity to obtain a specific credential recognizing applied scientific knowledge and skills. The Certified Food Scientist (CFS) program will help employers to identify, hire and retain the best talent, and “to continue to meet the ongoing demand for knowledgeable food scientists throughout the food system.” The CFS program will also demonstrate the profession’s  commitment to safe and quality foods for consumers, IFT said.

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August 04, 2012, to August 11, 2012

Unilever Posts Strong Sales Growth, Leads World's Personal Care Market

Unilever’s sales grew 8.4 percent to $15.8 billion in the first quarter of 2012 from the same period in 2011. Sales of personal care products increased 10.4 percent to almost $5.6 billion, driven by the strong performance of Dove Nutrium Moisture shower gels and Dove Men+Care. In 2011, corporate sales rose 5 percent to $61.9 billion, with net income rising1 percent to $6.4 billion. Factors helping sales performance include the acquisition of Alberto-Culver and the sales posted by Sara Lee’s personal care business, which Unilever purchased in December 2010. Sales in emerging markets rose 11.5 percent, driven by double-digit growth rates in India, China, Turkey, and South Africa. Emerging markets currently account for 54 percent of the company’s sales.

Innovation Drives Hindustan Unilever's Growth In India

Hindustan Unilever Ltd’s growth strategy in India is driven by innovation created by a “mismatch between ambition and resources,” said managing director and CEO Nitin Paranjpe. HUL needs to widen the gap with its competitors, according to Paranjpe. Also, HUL focuses on reducing costs, eliminating any overhead that does not add value to the consumer. Paranjpe also emphasized “responsible growth,” adding that the manner with which business goals are achieved is also very important.

Tesco Opens Virtual Store At Gatwick Airport

Tesco opened a virtual store at the Gatwick Airport in London that offers customers the convenience of online grocery shopping with browsing products in a physical store. First launched in South Korea, the virtual store enables consumers to shop for grocery products even when they are away from home. By scanning barcodes with their smartphone, customers can add products they chose to online baskets, schedule home delivery, and checkout their purchases. 

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July 28, 2012, to August 04, 2012

Food Ingredients Firm Unveils Cost-Effective, Low-Cal Egg Alternative For Baking Industry

Acknowledging both the rising cost of eggs and the consumer interest in healthier foods, Penford Food Ingredients has introduced a low-calorie egg alternative for use in a variety of baked items, including fillings. PenTech NG is a starch-based blend that can replace whole egg and egg yolks for both liquid and dry forms. According to the company, PenTech NG has a soft texture, and better viscosifier and moisture retention properties. It is also lower in calories, fat and cholesterol.

U.K. Pastry Shop Says Its Italian Cake Bars Boost The Metabolic Rate

A London-based start-up patisserie claims that its Italian pastries – in the form of cake bars –  contain a blend of natural ingredients that encourage the body to burn calories. The line of nine bars in a variety of flavors contain L-carnitine, guarana and green tea, all of which purportedly boost the body’s metabolic rate. Each bar also packs between 110 and 150 calories, but the bakery doesn’t say whether the calories burned equals the calories consumed. The founder of Klever Kalories says it hopes to expand its product line to cupcakes and savory snacks, such as crisps (AKA potato chips).

Sprouted Soy Products Developed For Baked Goods Industry

Hungarian firm Fitorex Group Ltd has developed a sprouted soy product for use by baked goods companies targeting the health-conscious and “free from” market. The new variety of YASO is pasteurized and low in carbohydrates, non-GM, gluten-, lactose- and cholesterol-free, and contains no additives or chemicals. YASO also provides a complete protein, dietary fiber, vitamins and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. “YASO is well-suited for diabetics, weight loss management and gluten-free diets," the company says.
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