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Slicing A Bagel: When Innovation Sparks A Social Media Controversy

March 28, 2019: 12:00 AM EST
It seems like a tempest in a teapot. But for some, especially devotees of the traditional bagel – sliced traditionally – it’s something of a typhoon. Social media foodies are engaged in an online battle over the advantages and disadvantages – or the virtues and horrors – of the “bread-sliced” bagel. Bread-sliced means sliced vertically instead of horizontally. The method was announced by someone in St. Louis who said he successfully introduced it to co-workers: “It was a hit!” he tweeted. But not for everyone, apparently. One shocked responder called it “an embarrassment to the whole sliced foods community." A bakery worker tweeted: “I have standards and a healthy respect for bagels." Others, however, lauded the slicing technique for creating a convenience: it’s easy to dip the slices in cream cheese “while walking, driving or typing at your desk.” Another said the bread-slicing "maximize[s] your surface area for spreads." And so the hullabaloo rages on.[Image Credit: © yuri hwang from Pixabay]
Dianne de Guzman, "The Internet collectively rejects bread-sliced bagels, mocks this well-kept St. Louis 'secret'", San Francisco Chronicle: Web Edition Articles (CA), March 28, 2019, © Hearst Communications, Inc
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