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Innovation & New Ideas  

Revamped Headquarters Reflect Coca-Cola’s New Corporate Mores

Coca-Cola has worked with international architect Gensler to renovate its 60-year-old headquarters in Atlanta, Ga. The idea was to provide workspaces that promote creativity, productivity, and engagement for the 13,000 employees who work there, and to visually represent the company’s transformation to a “true total beverage company.” Gensler and the company came up with a “Mainstreet Experience,” creating communal space out of the ground floors of six buildings and physically linking the buildings into a network. The 350,000 square feet of office space now features conference rooms, cafes, lounges, treadmill desks, sit-stand workstations in communal areas, soft seating, and two acres of outdoor space with patios and courtyards.

"Coca-Cola’s Headquarters Have A Refreshing New Look", Fast Company Design, September 18, 2017

Market News  

Start-Up Hopes To Shake Up The Dairy Industry With Pea-Based Milk

Dairy is the largest contributor to carbon emissions by volume in food production. That fact inspired two entrepreneurs to launch a venture capital-backed Silicon Valley company, dubbed Ripple, to produce dairy alternatives that taste better and have the same amount of protein as dairy and soy milks, and much more than almond or rice products. Made from yellow peas, which are inexpensive to grow, their products aren’t strongly flavored but deliver the same amount of protein as milk from cows. The growing popularity of milk alternatives comes at the expense of the real thing, of course: sales of dairy milk declined seven percent in 2015 and are projected to fall another 11 percent through 2020.

"For One Silicon Valley Startup, This Vegetable Is the Future of Milk", Bloomberg , September 12, 2017

The FMCG market makes a recovery in Spain

Kantar Worldpanel, September 22, 2017

Marketing & Advertising  

Time For Coca-Cola To Spread The Word About Its Product Line, Community Roots

Coca-Cola recently took its rebranding and refranchising campaign to national TV with an ad on NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” broadcast billing itself as the “total beverage company” with local community roots and an ever-expanding array of beverages. The new ad talks about a revamped Coca-Cola company whose 68 independent U.S. bottlers have deep connections in local communities. The TV ad will be bolstered by print ads in USA Today and The Wall Street Journal. Partners & Spade is doing the creative work, joined by Perfect Sense Digital on digital and UM for media buying.

"Coca-Cola's Corporate Brand Campaign Moves Beyond Soda", Advertising Age, September 17, 2017

McDonald’s Is Trying to Make the Happy Meal Healthier—Again

The Wall Street Journal, September 15, 2017

Press Release  

Nestlé Buys Majority Stake In High-End Coffee Roaster, Retailer Blue Bottle Coffee

Global coffee producer Nestlé has purchased a majority stake in Oakland, Calif.-based Blue Bottle Coffee. The high-end specialty coffee roaster and retailer operates coffee shops – 55 by the end of the year – in major U.S. cities and in Japan, and has launched super-premium RTD and roast and ground products, sold online and in retail stores. Terms of the investment were not disclosed. Nestlé coffee brands include Nescafé and Nespresso.

"Nestlé acquires majority interest in Blue Bottle Coffee", News release, Nestlé , September 14, 2017

Products & Brands  

Spindrift CEO Says Fast-Casuals Should Offer Clean-Label Sparkling Water

In a QSR Magazine article sponsored by Spindrift, CEO and founder Bill Creelman says fast-casual eateries do not apply the same health and freshness standards to their beverages as they do to their food. The reason is that health-conscious diners are ordering water instead of the “sugary sodas and juices” sold by fast-casual establishments. But they are also avoiding many brands of sparkling water that contain sugar, aspartame, and other additives, often termed “natural flavors.” The result is that fast-casuals are not investing in “wider varieties of beverage options.” Creelman wants consumers – and restaurants – to know that Spindrift offers sparkling waters that contain only carbonated water and real ingredients, such as fruit.

"Why Does Fast Casual Settle For Less With Beverages?", QSR Magazine, September 01, 2017

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